You like the idea of buying an Air Source Heat Pump. But what next?

Consider your suitability by checking out our Short checklist before taking that next step.

·        Is your home well insulated and include features such as double glazing? Remember, Heat Pumps perform best in a well-insulated and airtight home.

·        Are you cut off from the gas grid? By switching to a Heat Pump, you can make big financial savings whilst lowering your carbon footprint – a Heat Pump is also far less hassle than other energy sources, such as Heating Oil, where you may be left waiting for deliveries.

·        Do you have available outdoor space to place your Heat Pump, such as a back garden? Heat Pumps can be installed anywhere outside your home, so long as they’re not visible from the road.


If you answered yes, yes, yes – then take that next step with us. Talk to one of our helpful advisors today by calling 01223 420 252 or email