Premier Econergy, a new energy-start-up headquartered in Cambridge has ambitions to transform Eastern England’s Energy Landscape. The start-up has launched its Eco East Revolution campaign which raises awareness of eco-friendly Air Sourced Heat Pumps in Eastern rural areas which are currently dependent on heating oil.

 According to the Oil Firing Technical Association, in 2019 around 150,000 homes use heating oil across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. The UK Government Committee on Climate Change recommends that 2.5 million heat pumps be installed in the UK by 2030. This is key to supporting the UK’s net zero ambitions, as currently:

  • The built environment currently contributes 40% of all carbon emissions.
  • 3 million homes across the UK are reliant on oil and electricity.

Currently, the Government supports consumers switching to these heat pumps through its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offering Government grants.

Premier Econergy’s Finance Director, Steve Collins, argues that Eastern communities currently reliant on oil hold the key to kick-starting a nationwide switch from fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy.

Collins commented:

“Eastern England has led the way in the field of climate change thanks to institutions such as the University of East Anglia, and with so many homes dependent on oil heating, now is the opportunity to lead the way in implementing eco-friendly heat pumps which will help our country meet its climate targets.

“We are currently in the grip of a climate emergency which won’t go away until action is taken. Government can only do so much to solve this crisis, it cannot reach its climate targets without consumers switching away from fossil fuels.

“We can all play our part, and with Government financial incentives, now has never been a better time to make the switch to Air Sourced Heat Pumps. Currently, the Government is behind in the uptake of these grants, we have 30,000 air pump heaters in the UK. In France it is 220,000 and in Norway they must be in every new-build home.”


How air sourced heat pumps work

So how do air sourced heat pumps work? To put it very simply, they absorb heat from the air outside, compresses it to create energy and use this to heat your home. Just like a fridge, which draws in air from outside then cools it rapidly, the air source heat pump does the same thing but in reverse.

The heat pump sits outside your home, looks similar to an air conditioning unit. The heat in the air is used to heat a liquid refrigerant which evaporates. The pump then compresses the vapour, increasing the temperature. A heat exchanger is then used to warm water which can be used throughout your home – for hot water, in radiators or underfloor heating.

Unlike gas and oil boilers, air source heat pumps deliver constant heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods. They are set to start working automatically meaning you’ll always have hot water and is great at maintaining a consistent environment in your property. Gone are the days of juggling the thermostat. But remember: a well-insulated home is essential.






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