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Why install an air source heat pump?

There are so many advantages to an air source heat pump (ASHP). They are cheap to run, have a much lower impact on the environment than traditional boilers and are very easy to maintain.

Air source heat pumps are quickly gaining in popularity. More than 220,000 of these low maintenance setups are put in French homes every year and in 2016 there were 1,000,000 sold across Europe. In Norway, 95% of all new heating systems are heat pumps.

The UK Government Committee on Climate change recommend 2.5 million heat pumps to be installed in the UK by 2030. It is key to the UK reaching its Carbon emissions reduction policies.

Thousands of UK homes already have an Mitsubishi ASHP installed in their home. As part of the drive to install one million air source heat pumps in UK homes before 2030, the Government is offering some great cash incentives payable quarterly for seven years to homeowners, self-builders, private landlords and local authorities. The current RHI incentive plan is only in place until 2021 so now is the perfect time to install as it is unsure what Government support will be in place after.

Using cutting edge technology, the ASHP system can be connected to a phone or tablet making it easy to use and monitor. For homes using heating oil an air source heat pump is far more convenient, removes the need for deliveries and reduces expensive bills.

The Government offers grants (called the RHI) to home owners and businesses towards installations, which makes it a cost-effective addition to a new self build or a cheap way to convert a property to a new heating type.

Take a look at our Government grants page for more information and use the calculator to work out how much you can save on energy bills every year.

What type of properties can have an air source heat pump?

The answer to this is – any! From flats to bungalows and detached houses there is an air source heat pump and set up to suit almost every home, although insulation is key. Retrofitting in older homes, self builds, new builds, local authority housing and homes with large radiators and underfloor heating can all benefit.

There are many different set ups and knowing what air source heat pump to choose is one of the things we can help with. Some properties may ultimately end up being unsuitable for air source heat pumps, this will often be driven predominantly by heat loss but our team will advise you of this. Our vision is to bring Innovative Environmentally Friendly Technology to our community and this value is core, we will make sure any technology we quote and recommend is right for you.